School Enterprise Challenge

The student-led business awards programme for schools around the world.

The School Enterprise Challenge is an educational programme that teaches business and life skills. It supports teachers and students to set up a real business at their school.

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What is the School Enterprise Challenge?

There is $50,000 in prizes available for the most entrepreneurial schools, teachers and students

The School Enterprise Challenge provides educational resources and tools, offering a support programme and social media networks to lead teacher and student teams through the school business journey; from coming up with a viable business idea to writing a robust business plan and launching and running a sustainable business!

Student entrepreneurs develop lasting skills for business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way; teachers develop skills for student-centred learning and experiential education; and schools gain extra income for their school, or for a social cause of their choice.

"Entrepreneurship is definitely an important skill for everyone, even for those who do not perceive it as a career option. It gives us opportunities to create something new, to think ‘out of the box’. Being a part of the School Enterprise Challenge, I have realised that entrepreneurship teaches us that it is important to take risks and at the same time how to handle failure."

Chelsea Sawlani, Student General Manager of the 'Good Earth' enterprise at Choithram School in India

Why take part?

The School Enterprise Challenge celebrates students', teachers' and schools' achievements. All of the schools who complete the programme receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievement, while prizes worth USD $50,000 in total recognise the most enterprising schools, teachers and students annually.

In 2019, 11,000 schools from more than 100 countries registered for the programme with over 71,000 young people and 5,668 teachers directly benefiting from planning and running a school business. Schools set up an incredible variety of businesses including a juice bar in Romania, a plant nursery in Pakistan and a mobile banking service in Nigeria.


School Enterprise Challenge Enquiries

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